Friday, September 23, 2011

EnGliSh ManGliSh


English? siapa tak mau good in english kan. semua org pun kalu bole nak bertutur dlm english, membaca dan menulis dlm english dgn excellent!! siapa tak mau?

cuma, kitorang bukanlah tongue english, manglish adalah.. jadik...kena practise la jugak yak. tak bole nak lari. sgt memalukan bila disuruh write dlm english tak champion, bertutur dgn boss, lidah terbelit2 la pulak. so, WAJIB cari cara how to improve ur bi..

so, sedikit strategi utk dikongsi bersama for improve our english:

 - have an english only evening once a week. cook in english - etc. rewrite ur recipe in english,
 - write an english love letter,
 - write poem in english,
 - rewrite fairytales, jokes or instructions in english,
 - go online and find lyrics to ur favorite songs and sing along,
 - write the person's biograpyh in english,
 - talk to yourself in english while you clean or do the dishes,
 - go around the house and try to name everything in english (furniture, clothes, etc ).
 - look up words you don't know.

tips for beginners:

1) express yourself like a baby - learn language slowly (listen, talk, read and write)
2) listen to english everyday -radio, tv, movies, online lessons
3) make an english /esl friend - make up conversations, practise language, use beginners textbooks
4) read english stories - start with children storybooks, try esl readers, read advertisements, signs an labels,
5) write down new words - starts a vocabulary (new word) notebook. - write words in alphabetical order     
    (A,BC) - make example sentences, always use an english -english dictionary first.
6) keep an english diary - start with one sentence - how do you feel? what did you do today? - write another 
    sentence tomorrow.
7) visit an english speaking countary -  learn english more quickly, stay with english family, hear native  
    speakers talk, have a fun exercise.

so, do u have an idea on how to get a better english practise? lets some more:

basically, before we start to do the practice, one thing we must tell ourself, where do i start?

1)  ask urself, why do i want to learn english?
     - is it because you want to, or because someone else wants you to? - studying english must be something you want to do.

2) set goals
    - etc: to improve listening skills and pronounciations, grammars (whatever your goals-write them down)

3) make an agenda
    -  schedule ur time - start off slowly, but study regularly.

4) make a commitment
   - motivation is important!

5) have fun learning english
    - the things we do best in life are the things we enjoy doing. so, enjoy with ur practise. give  
       rewards for what have ur doned.

cukupla dulu setakat ini..chayoes..sambungg.....lain hari. :)

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